Comfort in Venality

by Giving In

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released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Giving In Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Please Fasten Your Seat Belt
I can't agree, how do you suppose we maintain this standard of living?
The high price, of commodities, drain the notion of collective security

How can, I maintain
Displayed, appearances
A myriad of endless drifting

Once more, cover up this slate
Smile, It's probably too late
The edges are dripping away now

Cause Here I am,
Patiently awaiting solace in contradictions
Relishing loss in constant stimulation

Head down, steadfast towards the wall, why bother looking ahead now?
With our blinders on, will follow the line, to our promised destination

Inhale, slowly exhale
Grasp down, hold on tight
Brace yourself the hit is eminent

Clenched teeth, tensed body
Closed eyes, seal them right
Hold your breath for it's the end now

Dependant on the same hands, we're all in it the same
Living with generations past mistakes
Hoping your opinion cannot be swayed
With lollipops and bubble gum parades
Track Name: I've Never Been Good at Convincing Myself
Staring at these four walls, the ones that I helped build
That over cast my shadow at night
They block and distort my view of what I tend to call my life
Subjugating me

Because it appears my life is constructed of minimized success
And over emphasized defeats
The same ones I relentlessly over analyze,
They seem to enfold me a barrier of lies

Wishing for an end, to this self-depreciation I entertain As I strive to control what I retain
Track Name: Darkness is the Only Quilt I Need
The pressure always remains
I feel it carved within my name
As moderation is shaped
The bridge shortens, the letters fade

Cause time time again, its worth exploring
The same ideas, the ones that hamper sleep
My mind is racing with no finish line
The same as this nausea you can't define

Clarity that knows no end
But the promises that never remain
Wish for Change but stay the same
As the next morning I start over again

Listen to me, I don't want to hear
Just give in to me, there’s nothing left;
To say, to breath to weaken me
Track Name: aLIEnation
Nothing can persuade me
Of the validity of venality
Torn between my worker's ethics
And hatred for my own cowardice

Given that I’m giving you myself
Precious time and energy into air
Maybe I expect too much for myself
To be treated with dignity and respect

It's been established that this relationship
Is based on give and take
But what happens? When you take more than give?
And the gains are privately sustained

Given that I'm giving you myself
Precious time and energy into air
Invested in commodities that you sell
As I cope with depravities to feel alive
Track Name: When Match Falls in Love with Paper
So why are we presented with
A synopsis of our existence in words?
Describing the tip of the iceberg
Who cares about the history of what floats in these waters?
The axioms that power the ships to harbor

Release the pressure; indulge in this information age where we seek
Constant relief from these worn-out recipes of cultivated fear
Through abridged stories, knowledge here and now in a blink of an eye.
Never before have we been so addicted to lies

Let's think of how knowledge is shared
What's omitted and retained
How fact can be no more than fiction
Does truth scream out or is it shaped?

Waiting patiently for your
Latent thoughts to infect your mind
To recognize that we're sold lies
As truths you love, you love to buy

So now that we know, turn a blind eye in dismay
Eat up; drink up anything, to drown out this relentless bitter taste
Logged in between, a soiled rock and a hard place